Friday, April 10, 2009

The Office 'Baby Shower' Review

Michael was completely in character throughout this entire episode. No wonder Jan caught on to his crush on Holly. He was completely mean to her everything she came around Jan. I felt a bit sorry for Holly at times, I could till her feelings were hurt by Michael's comments. It was even sweeter when she said...

Holly "So your still gonna be mean to be"

Then he hugged her. I got to say that hug was unexpected and it made me love this couple even further. Jim and Pam proved how much being apart wasn't meant for them. Dwight was hilarious as usual... a brilliant installment. It did amaze me though, that as soon as Jan told him not to see Holly, he still went ahead anyway... that was why that hug was so unexpected. I loved this installment, Holly gave it that extra spicing up it needed. Jan was typically mean as usual... still in character. What made this episode was Holly-Michael scenes and Dwight-baby carriage scenes...HILARIOUS!


Three out of Four stars


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