Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Office 'Weight Loss' Review

Another hilarious installment. It is amazing how all the characters maintain their original character throughout each season. Michael is still goofy as ever and he has finally met his match; Holly, even though he always finds a way to mess that up. I thought the Holly misunderstanding with Kevin should have played out a bit longer though, when Holly found out that Kevin wasn't as 'retarded' as she was led to believe, that was incredibly funny. This show still has the ability to crack you up. Beautiful season opener. As usual I love Jim and Pam and even though they are separated, they still create so much fun together. What about Angela and Dwight? A couple I wouldn't have thought of . Was it like every time she had a conversation to her fiancee about the wedding plans, she would automatically knock on Dwight's door (Not in the literal sense) lol. There is so much that I just love about this series. The office achieves the unexpected height and is definitely in my top five this season.

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