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Private Practice 'Do the Right Thing' Review


Usually the plot line between Addison and Dr. Noah Barnes would come off as' They did this one already' on the show, but something about this couple seemed different.


Probably in the 'Finishing' episode they made us like him a bit, before we imagined that he was married, let alone to Addison's patient. The desire between them is relentless and I find myself wondering what length they would take it to, if they were left in a room together;alone. Still I wonder how during his wife's weakened state, he somehow finds the time to imagine Addison in very 'non-doctor (your wife's doctor that is)' way. Then again maybe Addison should have kept her mouth shut in last week's 'What women Want' and not mention to him that the 'feeling' was mutual.

In 'Do The Right thing' it simply defines what this entire episode was about; doing the right thing.

Be it Sam doing the right thing on the stand, a mother doing the right thing for her daughter or Addison doing the right thing for her patient and herself.

Addison faces a huge dilemma as she struggles to withhold her feelings for a married man throughout the entire episode,but it surely doesn't end well. I assumed after Noah went through the 'crisis' with his wife, he might take a U-turn and try to set the record straight for his marriage and his child. That was why when he showed up at Addison's place, I was completely caught off-guard, which I'm sure Addison was as well. I am glad that Addison gathered enough restraint and instead of pulling him in through the door, she pushed him out. What did Noah think was going to happen; they have an amazing night together? Addison still has to face his wife the next day and so does he. He keeps repeating that he can't get Addison out of his head and Addison keeps telling herself that he's not in hers. This would only lead to a 'relationship don't' and somebody would end up getting hurt, and at the end of this installment somebody will.

I actually felt sorry for Morgan; losing a child before and finally losing her husband to her doctor, unknowingly (It seems to be heading that way). I found myself shedding a tear for her in the ambulance ride to the hospital, professing that her child was the last attempt she had of saving her marriage. I didn't know which was more depressing; the fact that she was using her pregnancy to hold her marriage together or that even through the troubles of her pregnancy, she might have lost her husband anyway.

Noah strikes me as arrogant and reckless and Addison knows enough about affairs; that they don't ever end well.

Sam took the stand as an experienced doctor rooting for another doctor accused of malpractice. This was definitely a different turn for the show. I actually admired Wendy Gazelle's performance as Corrine Lee as she badgered Sam on the stand. It somehow mirrored 'Boston Legal' tactics on the stand, probably not as sophisticated. Court scenes are rarely seen on the show. I especially admired how she brought up past cases about the Oceanside wellness group; the measles outbreak, Ray Daniels competing in the bike race. She came off soft in the beginning and left with a bang. The Premise of Sam 'doing the right thing' was when he found out that the doctor was negligent and omitted evidence from the court; he had to tell the truth.

Still I believed that Sam should have consulted with Duncan before he can clean on the stand. I wonder how he is going to take seeing Naomi with Duncan after their friendship went solo after his outburst in court.

What is Private Practice doing with Dell? First they put Betsy into Dell's life and ripped her out!

Frankly I didn't ever like Dell's story lines, it just didn't make sense and it is worse now because now that Betsy is gone they now have Dell making overnight flings, which is not Dell at all. I really wantto know where they were going with that. I really don't notice him in the show anymore.

The Lauren and Sarah case was interesting;a mother condoning the sexual activity of her twelve year old daughter;having sex only when she is around.

Honestly I thought the mother's theory made sense, but in an over exaggerated way. She tried to protect her daughter and ended up turning her daughter against her.Do you think Cooper was right and that's not the way to be 'the parent'. What I didn't get was Naomi defending Lauren's actions as a mother when Cooper conferred with her. Obviously Sarah would undermine Lauren's authority as a mother. It only took Dell to come out in his defense.

This was an interesting episode as the story between Noah and Addison heats up. I actually find myself anticipating the next installment.


*Who else kind of found Violet and Charlotte friendship a bit awkward.

*Do you think this relationship Pete is forming with the other and the child would last?

*Who do you think the father of Violet's baby could be?

*I really hope they clean up Dell's character, because he is becoming very dull.

*What do you really think about Addison and Noah. 'Relationship do or don't'

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Three out of Five stars

Grade B-


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