Friday, April 10, 2009

Private Practice 'Crime and Punishment' Review

The opening scene was different, we often have to remember that the Practice has other patients that we don't even know about and they represented that aspect most logically. Violet had a patient who was convincing in his role as the husband who killed his wife to put her out of her misery. Had me second guessing whether or not he was telling the truth and it played off convincingly when he confessed what really happened to Violet. Sometimes the 'confession' part usually sucks... and it didn't so that's a plus. Addison got to do a surgery... what she does best. You don't figure Addison always saying that she's a Neo-natal surgeon-one of the best always passes through your mind when she does a surgery. It was said many times over in Season 1 and now it's just stuck in memory. I wonder if it was the first time Kevin was shot?

Obviously he wouldn't survive without Addison's care... right? It is a good thing she was a doctor.
I'm actually tired of seeing Kevin in Addison's perspective. What ever did he do before he met her, he seems to spend most of his time with Addison. I want to see want mister 'SWAT cop' does in his alone time. :) Every week he gets some excuse to be around Addison. This week, he was shot and Addison's a doctor so she could take care him, let's hope he recovers next week. I actually like the Meg-Pete relationship, but I have to admit, I really do not care about the speech he always gives about his wife's death. Frankly Pete didn't really strike me as a guy who would ever get married, he doesn't really wear it well. Meg took the first step in the Practice- the first abortion ever to be done there. I wonder what did Dell say to the girl to make her return to get the abortion done. Why would she even listen to him and not Meg? Is it because he's a guy? Or because he could relate due to his daughter.

I still can't believe Dell has a daughter. They just sprung it on us, without giving us a heads up or even a clue in Season 1... that would have been appreciated. Anyway, Dell having a daughter just seems too convenient. Now that Dell has a daughter, he could now relate to what an abortion is or even with the last episode 'Tempting Faith' having the Pedophile, Dell could then feel protective of his daughter. It just seems too funny for me to absorb though. They should stir up the Dell-Naomi affair again that was interesting last season and it was just dismissed this season. I actually miss the mean-bossy Charlotte, maybe Cooper does as well. That's why he's acting like such a teenager. He misses the 'no conversations-just sex' moments between them I'm sure... but seriously I'm actually forgetting why they broke up to begin with. Yeah she is now the competitor for the Practice, but shouldn't that spice things up between them? Cooper and Charlotte no-longer have that flavor between them that captivated my interest.
My favorite scene was when Violet went by Kevin for advice. Obviously he would give a cop's perspective. The best advice was the one she received from her fellow psychiatrist who was interviewing for the new position... and got the job. Did I hint a love interest for Violet? Two psychiatrists isn't that funny... but that would be like sleeping with the enemy? I loved the ending scene when Kevin held Addison in his arms. "You took care of me now let me take care of you" Sweet. Next episode seems interesting, looks like Addison has a huge surgery crisis to deal with. What's funny is that if you actually think about it, these doctors really have hectic lives, with each episode having some major crisis.
Three out of Four stars

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