Friday, April 10, 2009

Private Practice 'Temptiing Faith' Review

Naomi finally moves on... with Addison's brother, Archer.(They both have A-names) Apparently he's not the brightest bulb on the shelf; sleeping with someone in your sister's apartment, what a way to make an entrance... and an exit. Sam surely knocked his lights out. :)

This episode was okay for me. I was happy to see Naomi move on, Sam always kept her in the shade. I didn't really like Archer in the beginning. They should have had him making out outside of Addison's place, since he obviously had no shame... then again Addison was probably used to his behavior. It's nice to learn something more about Addison. In Grey's Anatomy, we didn't really know about Addison's family. Archer and Addison did have that sex-crazed thing in common, but she actually settled down a bit in L.A. I really loved how their relationship just flowed. What I didn't enjoy was how he kept bringing Kevin down.
Cops are good too, he was actually going to protect 'his woman' when he realized the door was open in the opening scene, even though Addison didn't really take his advice about staying put. I must admit I peeked a bit at the previews so I knew that Addison's brother was venturing into town, so I wasn't surprised to see Archer on the floor. Still it was nice to see Kevin taking charge. Hm, to imagine that Archer wanted a doctor for Addison, like the last doctor she married, sometimes I forget that Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are linked, because Addison is completely different from that old life... which is quite good. It might have been better if Archer had acknowledged that his sister was even happier than before, I'm sure Kevin had a lot to do with that... anyway I'm blabbing on. Archer was flat out obnoxious, telling Kevin that Addison's too good for him. I'd admit he was being a brother, but he made Kevin out to be some wimp, I felt sorry for him. It was nice that Addison was willing be beside her man when he felt like he didn't deserve her, trying to 'up' his title "He's S.W.A.T" :).

I also had a problem with was Kevin's accident. I felt as though that scene was placed there to arise some sympathy from the viewers, it felt fake to me. I didn't feel for the situation ironically. We barely see Kevin's lifestyle, it would have been more affective if we saw Kevin on a case, probably in a car waiting for the villain or something, then he gets shot... that would have been a bit more interesting. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not Addison has ever seen Kevin's place, they are always by her. We learnt more about Violet's assault and she shared it with Dell. Actually Dell is starting to annoy me. Last season we were left off with the idea that Dell had feelings for Naomi, and that story was just dismissed this season and I really thought that they were using the daughter plot line to give him a story, he should have stayed in the hospital, probably take Charlotte's place and run the competing practice as a revenge towards Naomi... just a thought. I barely mentioned Charlotte basically because I'm getting fed-up of her and Cooper, it was fun in the beginning, now they are just too sappy. Even the Cooper and Violet relationship is getting a bit old as well as Meg and Pete. I hope they spruce it up next episode.


The pedophile was a different touch this episode. I especially loved the part where they became overprotective of Maya when he began talking to her. Sam certainly took charge in being a father which was excellent and the court scenes were new for Private Practice. Overall I loved this installment, I think Kevin's character needs a little sprucing up, it would nice to see him in the line of duty, make his S.W.A.T. appearance more believable, it could add more to the action side of Private Practice. It looks like Charlotte's falling for Cooper... and Cooper dumped her, sort of expected that though, their relationship needed an eye-opener. Would we see more of Archer even after Addison told him to take the high road...? It also looks like the Practice is expecting another addition. It's Private Practice, anything could happen.


Three out of four stars


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