Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prison Break ' Scylla' Review

Overall I this episode was OK. I am happy that they brought Sara back and that Michael gets to be team leader, even though he's still taking orders. The beginning resembled the effect of Michael playing a PI role, which I thought was cool. It reminded me of the pilot episode where he was mapping his 'Fox River' breakout plan, which was kind of funny, but it worked. Michael is on a vengeance role where he plans to avenge Sara's 'murder' which we later learn from Gretchen, wasn't a murder at all. I thought the reveal that Sara escaped and they staged her death was a good cover over, but we already knew that Sarah Wayne Callies was reprising her role as Sarah in Season four, so her coming wasn't that much of a surprise. I would have enjoyed it better if it wasn't so easy to find her.

I didn't really like Michael and Sara's reunion, it was too dry for me. The connection they once had slowly been diverted towards getting Whistler out of Sona throughout Season 3 and this episode needed to remind their viewers of their close bond for each other. I wanted to see some of their old moments together, like in Fox River or when they were in Panama, would have been a fine reminder, so I could actually appreciate their reunion a lot better. When Sara and Michael started 'making out', it was just ordinary and I didn't like that; I didn't get the 'staring at the screen in awe and compassion' for this couple.

I thought the whole bit about Sona was too convenient for the plot. I don't really feel that hatred T-bag has for Michael, you know that thirst to get back at him. T-bag's blaming Michael for everything is just too, 'blah'. I thought that if they were going with that plot with T-bag, maybe they should have included some old clips or flashbacks where Michael betrayed him over and over. I'm just wondering, 'why go after Michael, when you could have a life of your own 'free'?, that part was also to convenient. They should fixate T-bag on the bird book that Whistler once had. I could actually more picture T-bag going after whatever was in the book rather than trying to 'get back at' Michael. T-bag has also lost some of his filth in his character, in the previous seasons he surprised his viewers many times over, now I just could not care for his revenge towards Michael. The whole Sucre and Bellick teaming up was a joke and when Michael and Lincoln just gave themselves up without a battle to the cops, it was no surprise that Bellick and Sucre was next. Micheal's capture was a disappointment. In previous seasons it would have been impossible to catch him and Lincoln and just like that they were spotted by some cops and arrested, that was too unbelievable. Most of the events were predictable. I knew Sara was alive, I was just waiting for the right moment for her to be revealed. From the time they started arresting everyone one I knew someone was going to group them up into a team and some of the events were too sketchy, like when the guys were all brought together, there wasn't much tension, well Bellick's character had been down graded in Sona and I really didn't see the purpose of him being there. Lincoln's anger towards Mahone really was not threatening enough, their scenes are too polite. As well Gretchen just disappointed me, for her to whine for her life was just a let down, it turned her rock of a character into a pile of dust.

I still loved the assassin hired by the company, he is very nerve wrecking, which is exactly the character Prison Break needs. I would definitely love to watch more episodes, because Prison Break always had the ability to capture it's audiences at the end of each episode, which is another factor this show needs. I enjoyed Prison Break from Season 1 and I still enjoy it. It just needs a little fine tuning if it expects viewers to buy into it any longer.

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