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24 ' Day 7: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m' Review

24 reminds me of a roller coaster ride; there are your your ups and downs, twists and turns and just when you think the ride is over it just takes you for another spin.

I know I stretched this one a bit, but you know what I mean.

We all know 24; there are 24 hours, which means 24 episodes and so far we've reached the 18 hour with 6 more hours hanging in the balance.
It all sounds a bit calculated but that is just how it feels.
I knew when Hodges easily met his defeat so early in the chapter, there had to be another twist.
Imagine Hodges boldly confronting the President, bragging on about protecting the same country he threatened to destroy...

He was actually amusing in the white house, imagining his upper hand, shoving missiles and a deadly virus up the Presidents sleeve. Still, after all he went through just to get the President to agree on his terms, giving him second chair to the President. I felt his capture was ... just to easy. I laughed at his rantings, trying to justify the prosecution of people; kill one to save thousands. In other words kill thousands just so that he could have a conversation at the white, probably get the President to agree to his terms and maybe he might become President one day... really? Very doubtful his reign was ever going to last.

The President officially owes Jack a big one and seeing as she can't really give him the cure, I guess asking someone to give her updates on Jack's health would do... could she really help Jack?

She may owe Tony a big one as well after all he did risk his life to save his country... or did he?
I found it strange when one of the guards began acting suspiciously, making second rounds? Did you smell a rat there, because coincidentally Tony was able to apprehend him just at the same time he 'went out for rounds' walking him out with a gun to his head ordering the other guard to surrender his weapon.

In fact there were many things done just to easily:

--Tony throwing the bomb and blowing up the missiles--

--The FBI rushing in to save the day--

--Hodges being apprehended after all his work--

--Larry agreeing with Renee--

--The army men not putting up a struggle--

--Kim's surprise visit to save her father--
(Although the bit where she was trying to see him all day was believable)

...and finally

--Hodges giving the typical 24 cliche liner "You think this ends with me?"--
(Of course it doesn't) :)

When Larry raided in on Hodges parade and began praising Tony for his patriotism and giving what seemed like a pat on the back by taking his handcuffs off... for some strange reason I wondered about Tony. Hodges was in custody and the coast was clear, everything was back to normal, I somehow wondered how cool it would be for Tony to go bad right there as soon as Larry took off those cuffs. Interestingly enough I imagined Tony overthrowing the guards after Larry gave him the 'you now have to face your crimes' speech and Tony just blatantly nodding in agreement.

It was still a surprising turn of events in the end (no pun intended), when Tony really was the 'bad guy'.

It was still sad to see Larry go, an essential main character, to watch Tony stifle him to death (there is no coming back from that I guess), when ironically he was trying to save him, applying pressure to the bullet wound before.
That guy waited too long to pull that gun on Tony, then I knew Tony was bad for sure.

Do we need a moment to mourn Larry's death? .... .... .... ....

Okay, We must commend Kiefer Sutherland for his portrayal of Jack Bauer here and Eliza Cuthbert for her guest entry.
Jack's condition is depreciating as he lashes out at Renee for going behind his back and realizing that Kim wanted to see him all along. Trying to hide his sickness from his daughter by saying he was okay.. that was an understatement. At one point I thought he was choking Kim when he was hugging her... also the way he told Kim to leave.

Extra Treats

**Jack is usually the center point in each season, this time he has to stick it out because of his condition. Before I'm sure you thought nothing could keep Jack from doing what he does best (catching the bad guys-going off book). Maybe he's me t his match.

**Tony still asked if Jack had a small chance of living because of Kim. Does that mean that Tony has a soft spot for Jack and there friendship actually means something to him?

**What would Jack have done if he was on that plane with Tony? Would Tony have easily killed Jack? Maybe it was easier Jack was out of the way... seems convenient.

**It looked like Renee and Larry finally saw eye-to-eye. The finally admitted their history to the viewers and succumbed to the hectic they've had since they've known each other. I thought that things we're surfacing too good between them as Renee wished Larry good luck. We haven't really heard that before from her and Larry has had a really hectic day. It just felt as though the writers were trying to give them closure... with good means to.

**How would the writers explain Tony's covert operation with Bill and Chloe, was that a sham too? Was Tony bad all along (all in due time I guess).

**Was Tony sharing sympathy with Larry while he was suffocating. It took Larry a long time to go out, maybe he has a very strong will to live, or was just to overwhelmed by Tony's treachery.

**At first when the showed the back of Kim's head, I wondered whether it was Eliza Cuthbert, but I knew she was guest starring befor ehand so it had to be her. SHe looked older, like daddy's little girl all grown.

**There was a lot of emotion between Jack and his daughter, made Jack seem more human. That reminded me of the first time watching Jack cry. Jack has lost everything in his life, including himself.

**The same guard Tony knocked out, was the same guy he teamed up with in the end. My suspicions were right after all there was something fishy there. Now what are they going to do with that missile?

**Did that worker ordered to fire the missile suddenly develop a conscience.
"Let's confirm it, maybe it was a false alarm"- a little to late buddy!

**Why didn't that officer cuff the guy who killed his colleague instead of pointing the gun at him? It takes up less energy and takes the element of surprise out of the picture... no cuffs maybe? Then it was very foolish of him to take his eyes off of him, ended up with a bullet in the back.

**Olivia was absent in this hour, still I really didn't miss her.

Interesting turn in events, but 24 seems to be getting a bit predictable. Love watching the action, but would love a bit more suspense as well.



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C+

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