Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prison Break 'Greatness Achieved' Review

I do not mean to sound harsh, but this season 4 attempt, especially this episode cannot touch the raving views of season 1. Tell me what has happened to the Prison Break I knew and loved to watch. I keep tuning in every week to be left with the same rubbish yet again. Still I keep watching because, I grew attached to this series, I know every plot line from since season 1 and this show means something to me.

Horrible story lines:

Bellick from day one served no purpose to this entire season, the entire crew just strung him along from day one. They practically used Sucre as an excuse to bring him in the story line. It was no surprise that they killed him off.

Mahone's act of revenge towards the guy who killed his son was cold and ruthless. Believe me, it was good to see him avenge his son's murder, but he was like a blood thirsty animal, out of control and sadly enough it made me pity the guy, which I really didn't like. Yet what was outlandish with this plot was the fact that the police officer in charge of the entire operation; Donald Self...a cop, just sat back and let Mahone murder the guy. Not only was that unbelievable, but it actually degraded Prison Break in my perspective.

T-bag has been made out to be dirty laundry and a poppet. Robert Knepper gave his T-bag character a brilliant score in Season 1, but now he is completely the lowest guy in the show and the fact that he is just sitting around doing it all for money, I just don't buy it. The secretary I am sure had many chances to escape and leave these madmen to do their dirty work.

What is going on this season. I think I am finally giving up on this series. Prison Break is going further down my charts every week.

Before, when they killed characters off, like Abbruzzi, Veronica, Nick Savrinn... remember them, remember how their deaths were so unexpected and we actually felt something for them. Now when they kill off characters like Bellick and Rolland Glen, remember the guy who made the cell phone (oh yeh not really a cell phone). The fact that he lost the 'phone' in Vegas, but of course they couldn't risk their butts to go and retrieve it, but that's last week's review. Still Prison Break still feeds us this...this?

It all comes down to the only reason they killed these people off this season, was because they had no use for them and it is obvious. The only question we ask ourselves was why they weren't killed off sooner or why they were on the show at all.

Pointless Plot(s) or people in plots.

Remember these people:

LJ Burrows

Yeh the people who Lincoln cared about that left him to get arrested, even though Lincoln did make that easy. Frankly they omitted these people from the show entirely, of course we'd imagine that Lincoln would have contacted them or even mentioned his son once, though LJ was slightly mentioned between Bellick and Lincoln in this episode, back to Bellick I really didn't care when he came on screen or when he said or contributed anything so his death wasn't that much of a surprise.

What about Gretchen, kissing a man that's old enough to be her father, scratch that Grandfather, I don't think that I can get anymore disappointed.

It hurts to know that this it what Prison Break has come to. I should have expected it though, the ridiculous season opener practically spelt it out for me.

Poor Sara, we raved for her return since last season and when she finally comes back we are given this quality of Prison Break.

I'm finished. I'm fed up of hoping, there's no coming back from this poor excuse of an episode.


(One out of Four stars)

* / ****

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