Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Office 'Business Trip' Review

This episode was probably not a tear seeking, belly rolling, jaw dropping, enthralling, bend over episode of the season, but I did like it. I did laugh. I still love the Jim-Pam relationship. Although I thought they completely disregarded the scenario from last week's episode where Pam was asked to stay and perfect her art skills because she was 'good' and then this week it was like she failed it. I thought that was a way to bring Pam back into the office rather than flashing back and forth between her and Jim.

I thought they should have played more with the guy who asked Pam to remain in New York, while Jim was listening. I thought something would have happened there, but they completely threw me off guard when Pam said she had to remain an extra three months...because she failed? I miss Holly as I'm sure Michael does as well.
Whatever happened in that hotel room with his short-lived companion, which I'm sure was...well nothing, certainly made him realize how much he missed her. Enough to tell Wallace over the phone how much he hated his trip. Kelly falling for Ryan's push-ups? Okay I guess that was a bit funny, but he could have done that all along and that one-handed push-up needed a little work. In this episode Ryan was very upbeat. Obviously Kelly was with Darryl in an attempt to make Ryan jealous which really worked, but Darryl's acceptance of the break-up text seemed to easy. Ryan's expression to Kelly's 'we could be together now' was like he smelt something fishy about her relationship with Darryl to begin with.

My funny scene(s)

*In the plane after Michael insulted Oscar about his food and there not being any food on the plane, so he could have really done with Oscar's lunch :).

*The hostess runs into Michael's foot with the trolley.

*Kelly texts Darryl about their break up and he replies okay, like it was no big deal.

These where all good scenes but 'The Office' initially set out with high standards from the pilot to now and many viewers might consider this episode a disappointment compared to the material we got in earlier seasons. I guess this episode did not have me crying with laughter, but it was still a good episode for me. Some of the story lines could use a bit of ironing; Jim and Pam, Kelly and Ryan. Michael remains funny as ever, but I still look forward to the following installments.


Two out of four stars


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