Friday, April 10, 2009

Gossip Girl 'You've Got Yale' Review

The scene with Lily and Rufus was very amusing. At one point I was actually was getting bored with their roller coaster relationship, but they reminded me of how much I loved them in the beginning. When Eric came out with that one-liner towards Lily and Rufus' lust for each other, it completed the cherry on top I always missed in Gossip Girl. "I would say get a room, but yours is right above mine, please try to remember that!" Hats off to Connor Paolo (Eric), his scenes always bring about a smile or two. :) The Lily-Rufus, Serena-Dan interactions were very awkward here. I always wondered why Serena was so uptight about her Mom's relationship with Rufus, but I see where she was coming from. It's very awkward to make out with your boyfriend-living with you-and to have your parents doing the same thing, under the same roof. I was happy for the non Chuck and Blair scenes, they always made Blair soft, and when Blair made the cold reference towards Chuck, I saw the Blair I loved in Season 1. "He is as dead to me as his father is to him!" The show does well with Blair who I've grown to admire this Season. Leighton Meester (Blair) has a way of capturing an entire episode and make it her own. In the final scene I actually saw a rage in Blair which I look really look forward to. The Chuck and Lily scenes were okay, but when she got that call from Rufus during their scheming, it felt as though it was just placed there to arouse that rage in Chuck. Jack Bass' short-lived stay was sort of expected, I didn't even know Chuck had an Uncle, but it wasn't mentioned that he didn't have one, so that could easily be possible right. That attempted assault scene between Jack and Lily was very gripping, but sudden. I really wondered why Rufus didn't get a punch in second to Chuck, Rufus should have taken charge of his woman in a heated rage. The Opera really didn't 'suit' him - no pun intended. This episode was an interesting turn for Gossip Girl as the storyline continues to take big risks. The only thing I couldn't care for in this episode was the Nate and Vanessa scenes, they were very boring and unnecessary. It felt as though the writers had no where else to place them and gave them this unimportant storyline and Nate back his money without any sort of development.

Two and a half out of Four Stars

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