Thursday, April 9, 2009

Burn Notice 'General' Review

Burn Notice has begun to form a trend. Each episode begins with him finding a little bit about why he was 'burned' and who 'burned' him, but what has gotten tiring is that most of each episode is taken up with his "Client" and it ends with him discovering something new about his Burn Notice. This was good for the first few episodes in Season 2, but now it has become tiresome viewing the same thing every episode. Just when we think that Michael is about to solve something dealing with his 'Notice' "The Client" comes along. I still love the show though, I just want it to move a bit faster. His relationship with Fiona was full of twists and turns and ever since they 'broke up' things though, haven't changed much between them. I think they should spruce up their relationship a bit, because Fiona's constant chatty come on's are just becoming old and I really like this couple. Another thing, what's with Micheal's mother, it seems like even though they don't need to show her, she is still there. Micheal could be at his busiest, yet he still somehow finds the time to see her. Not saying that it isn't sweet, but it becomes annoying after a while when each episode his mother is there for no apparent reason. Its like they make petty excuses to have her there. Burn Notice is a good series, non-the-less, but I want Micheal to find some clients that could be directly linked to his Burn Notice, if they must show a clientele every episode. The show needs to give it's viewers some 'juice' on Fiona and Micheal's relationship, rather than have them going around in circles every week. As for Micheal's mother, how about give her, her own storyline that doesn't involve Micheal, probably she could take over the clientele list with her other son and sometimes involve Fiona. I just need more substance in each episode, besides that, I still want to view Micheal and his unbelievable accents and Fiona's own as well lol. Did you know that the guy playing Micheal's friend once played alongside Xena as the 'King of Thieves'. It's good to see him playing this role, he's funny lol. Definitely look forward to future episodes.

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