Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Office 'Frame Toby' Review

Michael- "No God! No God Please No! No! No! Noooooo".

The best scene in this entire episode was definitely the opening scene where Michael discovers that Toby is actually back. Other than that; Kelly and Ryan, well Kelly reached a whole new length of ditsy when Ryan practically broke up with her and asked for parting sex and money and she was like... 'okay'? It didn't really surprise me that Ryan wanted out, but Kelly being foolish enough to fall for Ryan's reverse psychology stunt... that was flat out not funny and frankly annoyed me.

The entire microwave scene with Pam was boring. This episode didn't really do anything for me. I laughed the hardest at the beginning and everything just died down in the end. The police raiding Toby's office to find basil in a plastic bag. The only funny thing about that scene was that Michael paid $500 for it. There were far better installments this season and this episode did not bring what I expected. Where is Holly, things were much funnier and interesting when she was around, I hope they bring her back. As for Jim and Pam, they are getting all couple-like settling down in these episodes, but I'd like to see some more characters utilized next week, like Stanley, Creed or even Kevin, I hardly see them anymore.


Two out of four stars


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