Thursday, April 9, 2009

Samantha Who 'The Ex' Review

I am definitely warming up to James Tupper (Owen) in this episode. When I first saw him, he still reminded me of Jack (Men in Trees fan), but I really liked him here.

This episode was getting the 'I live with my roommate who is by the way my ex' out of the way. It was funny to find out that Owen also lived with his ex (Willow), who seemed to be a bit high spirited. Everything was okay until Samantha saw the connection between Todd and Willow.

Funny scene(s)

*Owen reminding Samantha that they already slept together when she said she wasn't 'ready' for him to go up to her apartment. We know that she was trying to cover up Todd, but that scene was just classic.

*Owen going all poetic when Samantha refused to let him up. Owen- "I just have this desire to know everything about you". Again, same scene, but deserves the same amount of humor.

*The twist when we also realize that Owen also lives with his ex. Owen seems a bit high spirited as well, just like his ex. hmmm...

*Samantha giving Todd the okay to see Willow, even though Todd was already seeing her. Samantha, does Todd really need your blessing. Is Samantha really over Todd.

Samantha Who still finds a way to tickle my funny bone, as it continues to climb my favorite top ten list each week. I must give an extra credit to James Tupper and his comedy role, he really makes me laugh.


Three out of four stars


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