Saturday, April 11, 2009

Samantha Who? 'The Dog' Review

I actually expected a bit more from this installment. I hardly laughed at all and I barley understood Samantha's obsession with a 'baby', in this case a dog being the best substitute, seeing as Sam couldn't return a baby after he/she was adopted.

This storyline has been done many times over. Girl holds baby in arms, realizes what motherhood would be like, finds a substitute for their own child and realizes the responsibility was too much of a burden.
Predictable; I could imagine exactly how the storyline would end. Some of the scenes were so worn out; like Dina looking for the dog, Samantha arguing with Todd about responsibility, Sam's flashback... and they weren't even as funny as they should have been. Sam shouting out of the window about how 'right Todd was' was very silly and I laughed only because I couldn't believe that she was actually doing that.

The only thing I actually was interested in was Andrea's attention in the media. I almost forgot that she was dating Tony Dane, so that meant she was popular 'by-association', so obviously the media would be interested in her whereabouts and the 'baby-bump'... Samantha's parents were the same as usual, just like Frank. I am really waiting for that big twist, or something like what they used to show in the first season, something new and original that would have me laughing on the floor...

Truly disappointing...


Two out of Five Stars

Grade D

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