Thursday, April 9, 2009

Private Practice 'Let it Go' Review

Look who's finally taking charge, in the bedroom and the workplace and a little of both in between. It looks as though Addison's finally on top of her game this episode. Kevin has taken on the role of the official 'boyfriend supporter' who could now lend his time for his new girlfriend. Looks like there's not much SWAT cop cases :). It's good to see Addison mixing it up. Though her time at work isn't all that simple, with Naomi still at odds with her and what's with Naomi and Sam.
(After a long heated time in bed Maya walks in on Naomi and Sam) Maya- "Are you guys back together?" ....Of course they had to say yes lol..... I thought it was nice that they finally brought Maya back, I was beginning to wonder where she was. Addison in charge seems a bit funny to me and a bit unfair with respect to Naomi and Sam. Imagine this, Naomi persuades Addison to join the Practice and Addison soon takes it over, she handles it well though some of the members easily try to undermine her "Stay out of this Addison" Hello you're talking to the boss you elected, only Pete could get away with talking to Addison like that. I must admit in that split second I didn't like him that much. What about Charlotte and Cooper, wow they spend everyday on top each other (in the literal sense). It seems like Charlotte is wearing Cooper down a little, when does he get the chance to breathe lol. Probably when they talk dirty to each other lol, that was funny, strange but funny. Seems like we are getting to know a more sensitive side to Charlotte, quite unexpected. Looks like Cooper and Charlotte's relationship is putting a dent in Cooper and Violet's friendship. Still when Violet said she was happy that he was with Charlotte, I saw a hint of a 'more than friends' between them. They must always tell each other everything, and they're always huggy huggy and lovie dovie.

I just don't buy the just friends act. Best friends don't attempt to sleep with each other (Last season, if you were wondering), wait I wonder if Charlotte knows about that and how okay is she with Cooper and Violet's friendship. It might not be a problem now, but I'm sure some conflict would happen between these three, would it be Charlotte asking Cooper to cut all friendship ties with Violet, that's what usually happens.

Favorite case(s)

They seemed to only have one case this week, most of the episode was taken up with couples and a lot of sex in this episode. The case with The dying seventeen year old wanting to have a baby was touching, she had a lot of chemistry with the cast. Addison seemed like the outsider here as it was like the patient grew on the others and left Addison out of the circle. At first I thought Addison was being a bit too pushy, then she sounded like she was being an objective doctor, unlike the others.

Pete and Meg finished where they left off last episode, I actually like Meg for Pete, she's actually cool. Even though she's on her way out, I hope she finds her way back to the practice, probably become an additional cast. I thought the Violet 'old friend' plot line was used to bring up the issue of Violet's assault, which was hinted in the last episode between her and Addison. I wonder if we would here more of that or if Cooper knows? Still I didn't like Violet's friend, though what would you expect of a politician, always try to cover up your dirty tracks so it wouldn't spoil your image, it didn't surprise me when she shredded the documents in the end. It gave Violet a chance to snuggle in Copper's arms. The ending with Maya was very sad, you know how it is when you hope mommy and daddy are getting back together and it turns out to be a bis joke. Poor Maya, already planning their re-marriage. I liked this episode, it was actually okay to me. Though they had far better earlier episodes. It's good that we got to see a little more of Kevin. Hey maybe they should merge some of his 'Cop life' into the show, just an idea.



Two and a half out of four stars


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