Friday, April 10, 2009

Private Practice 'Ex-Life' Review

Talk about a wake up call for Private Practice (PP) and it took the collaboration of both shows to do it. Every single character in the plot was used to their fullest capacity and they kept me plunged into the drama of it all.

This is why I watch this show, this is why I stay tuned in.


So Addison returns to the one place she left and it felt like a homecoming. Bailey was hilarious especially around Sam and Naomi. I actually felt like Sam and Naomi were old friends of Derek and they weren't out of place at all.

Everything fit so perfectly, I couldn't believe how much history and chemistry was created between these characters. It was a tough job, but the writers pulled it off. The only thing I didn't take to was Archer's consistent whining, but that had no impairment on this weeks incredible installment. Even the transformation from Seattle to L.A. was beautifully done.

If I had to point out my favorite scenes this review would be incredibly long. Credit still needs to be given to Mark threatening to hurt Archer for sleeping with his girlfriend, even though Archer was going to die... or so we thought. The twists and turns delivered for it fans. This goes to show that those who were Grey's Anatomy fans got a taste of what PP had to offer and vice versa. I liked how Addison was able to help Derek and rattle on about Derek's Hot Dog saving days when they were married... during an operation. :) That is what makes Addison-Addison.

Talk about Sams love attack- eh em- asthma attack :). I really didn't figure Archer for the 'couple' type, but he seems to be trying for Naomi. I wonder how long would that last?

What's with everyone singing Derek's love song for Addison, I wonder what the writers are trying to pull off?

Is Sam rethinking his separation from Naomi? :-?

Is Pete ready to be a father when the opportunity passes his way?

Is Cooper ready to admit that his relationship with Violet transcends friendship, or is it just a friendship indeed?

I really do not like the new Charlotte, all lovie-dovie over Cooper, I actually miss the no-strings-attached Charlotte.

Overall a brilliant episode, there is lots more to be said, but let's hope the good quality of this show keeps coming.


Four and a half out of Five Stars

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