Friday, April 10, 2009

Smallville 'Infamous' Review

From the moment Clark's face was plastered as the 'Alien' all over the press, I am sure fans figured out that Clark was finding some way to go back in time or that he was having a very bad dream.

Finally we have Lois back with an exploding entrance, with her suitcases spiraling out on the floor, in the rain, possessing the traditional Lois qualities.

Even in the midst of her bashing him upon entrance for leaving her stranded, there was still a tension between them from their last unresolved-almost-kiss.

All of the Lois and Clark (Clois) fans would be at a set back from this episode. Clark finally admits to Lois his secret and goes back in time promising not to ever tell Lois again. That regurgitates Clark's insecurities from previous seasons as he dreadfully left Lois stranded at the altar in the end. I actually shared her grief, the excitement of waiting for someone or something to happen and in this case Clark didn't show up. Or at least he didn't have the nerve to make that approach to Lois and finally face his feelings. Anyway, that just means another prolonged evasion of feelings and an unsure relationship between Lois and Clark.

The Doomsday scenes were exceptional and really added to the show's real development. Samuel Witwer and Allison Mack (Davis and Chloe) have such onscreen presence. Any scene between them or separately always pans out.

Still there were unfilled gaps in this sequence. The fact that they used Linda Lake as a reason for Clark to tell his story was a given that things were to spiral out of control and all the elements being predictable. Clark tells his story, Clark is a hero, a pitiful widow wondering where Clark was when her husband died which lead to Clark becoming the bad guy, the entire population hunts Clarke like an animal and Clark has no choice but to turn back time an destroy the one ring that was supposed to be used for another purpose; Legion.

*Linda Lake only now bringing Clark's story to surface.

*Linda Lake ability to turn into water when Clark goes to choke her and not when Lois is beating her up.

*Clark's zooming out before Lois was able to tell him about Doomsday.

The way in which everything was done seemed too convenient. Obviously Clark couldn't know about Doomsday and Davis before he went in time, it would be more interesting for him to find out in his own way.

There were many ambiguities in the plot which made it a bit too confusing. Clark had this ring to turn back time, then didn't he think to use it to get Lana back. Not that I want that to be the case, I just want that to be clarified.

Smallville still comes of good no matter what risks they attempt to pull off, I just really hope this on-off relationship between Lois and Clark isn't prolonged, they are actually another reason why I remain tuned into Smallville.


Two and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+


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