Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smallville 'Eternal' Review

What was Chloe planning to do after she locked that door?

I understand what this episode was trying to accomplish. The idea of basing Doomsday's background, and the revelation that the Kent's could have easily found Davis instead of Clark was cute. At first I wondered if they were playing the right episode from the time Lionel, Martha and Johnathon took the stage (It was nice viewing old faces again though). Then there was the liquid that formed into a boy, then I knew that was something new. What had me cracking up was little Alexander (Lex) Luthor (Oh that explains his baldness).

On a simple note this episode was just average and the only problem it faced was executing the story. I really missed Erica Durance (Lois) here, she always adds a sense of humor to each episode and it felt like something was missing. I admire Cassidy Freeman's (Tess Mercer) onscreen presence. She always portrays a captivating villainess, but her performance lacked the decent uproar needed. Her opening scene, where she just 'happened' to tumble upon Lionel's 'fairytale' diary and crack the furtive enigma hidden inside, lacked the basic challenge. It felt to sudden that Tess discovered Davis' true identity, Clark's true abilities, their fates and destinies all in one episode. The story defeated it's development purpose, that everything seemed out of control. It didn't surprise me that Davis hung around Chloe so much, after all she is the reason he remains in his human physique. It is also understandable that Chloe would seek the companionship of the guy that had her in pursuit for weeks; another way to get over Jimmy. Though when she found out his true colors and was pushed to take his life to save Clark's, I kept thinking that 'this is too easy' and 'that isn't the way Clark's prophesied enemy was going to die'. I actually laughed when Chloe placed her hands on the glass to match Davis' and wondered 'does Chloe love Davis that much, how much does she really love Jimmy?'

Then I got thinking 'Kryptonite is the one thing that could kill Clark, what better a weapon than to kill him than a Kryptonite villain'. As the episode rambled on and Davis was a no-show and Tess taunted Clark about his powers, his destiny to become a 'superhero' and so on, I kept wondering why was Tess suddenly getting up in Clark's face, following him to the barn, being a complete nag. Is she trying to become Clark's all-time enemy? Seriously when Clark said "Are you threatening me", I really didn't hear a threat in Tess' tone.

The flashbacks to Davis' past playing with Lex was interesting, especially when the inner beast in him came out after Lionel abandoned him. It was just the continuous 'prophecy' talk which made the episode seem a bit 'phony'.

Finally when Davis made his final appearance I was disappointed. Just stumbling upon Chloe prophesying his immortality (there goes that word again), telling her that he loves her and the only way he wouldn't seize upon Clark would be if she stayed with him (how romantic-I guess). As Chloe began walking away, I was in the dark about what would be her next move. Was she actually walking away? Would Davis spiral out of control and turn into and ultimate killer? Would he then go into a rage and fight Clark maybe even kill him-almost?... but just then she walked up the stairs and closed the door...

What was she going to do after she latched that door? Was she really staying with him so Clark wouldn't die? Okay I like Smallville, but even that could have been done much better.


Two and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C-

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The_Brain said...

I think that there was a bit too much development in one episode (which didn't disappoint me at all). I also like the Smallville's take on "Doomsday" as they are making his history less complicated (but entertaining nonetheless) than in the comics,Sam Witwer is definitely a good choice for Doomsday.

Oh and Erica Durance is doing a great job capturing Lois sense of humor and sassyness (is that a word?)

I like your reviews!