Thursday, April 9, 2009

Samantha Who 'The Building' Review

Really and truly I love Samantha Who and I still do, but I have to admit that this season isn't as funny as Season 1. Though I loved Samantha's new love interest Owen (James Tupper). Still has that Elmo look and tone, for those Men in Trees fans out there, except for his constant smiling, so un-like Jack. I still have that weakness for Men in Trees so I tried not to squirm when he began mouthing Samantha instead of Marin. I still separated that life of Men Trees form Samantha who. For a fresh role for James Tupper, he did good, I am liking Owen, but that means where does Todd fit in. I barely ever pay attention to Andrea, she becomes very typical every episode. Way to go Dena, good friendly advice. Dena seems to be Sam's real friend, imagine the kind of advice Andrea would have given. Still Sam found a way to twist it, but i found it oddly not funny when Owen was like The last Realtor he slept with wasn't good. I thought it was offensive to himself, tough it was still another good episode; same old, same old.


Two out of four stars

(** / ****)

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