Saturday, April 11, 2009

24 'Day 7: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM' Review

Did you find yourself grinding your teeth and clasping your hands together in the hope to knock out the bad guys...

That is 24 for you, and that is the way I felt at the end of this installment; delved into every detail, anticipating that the good nature of man would prevail and men like Hodges are put away!

24 officially has the formula for a good adrenaline rush. It's hard to imagine the days Jack Bauer has had in his lifetime and this day seems to be sucking his life out of him... literally. I eagerly anticipated this installment after last week's hanger... military turning on the government (A President's nightmare), especially when the hand you fed for decades finally decides to bite your finger or the entire hand in the process.

So how were government officials going to defend themselves against and entire army; threatening to fire if they didn't leave their premises? They really had them cornered and defenseless. I applauded Jonas Hodges for his stage performance ranting on about the empty building, abusing his military power; it always takes the ravings of a madman to make you glare at the screen. Everything he 'claimed' made sense. 'The President ordered the search of the empty building for weapons that did not exist' (at least not in that building), as he rambled making a mockery of the federal officers, I only nodded and kept thinking he was right... the President did order the search of the building that Tony was falsely led was amazing how tricky the English Language was if you just twist it a little you could make anything sound exactly the way you want.

What makes Hodges an appalling character is his ability to justify attacking his own government. As twisted as it sounds he comes off realistic that it makes you loath him much more.

What would Jack do if he was there, if he wasn't infected? I shed a saddened moment for Jack's agony, watching him suffer as we all knew his fate... I kept hoping for some enlightenment; maybe Hodges had the cure just maybe... Then there was mention of the experimental treatment and the ties to a family bloodline and I knew that Kim Bauer would gain some onscreen time. I loved the way Renee held Jack in her highest concern, almost like she'd form some sort of connection even after the length Jack put her through the past few hours; in his weakened state I felt her compassion towards him.

Still the Biological Weapons maintains priority and the President had to make it her primary mission to prevent an attack. When Hodges felt cornered and revealed that he had the bio-weapons threatening to release them if the President didn't comply to his demands... and the President complied I kept thinking 'What about the President doesn't respond to threats? What about all the people that died earlier on because she wouldn't respond to threats? I guess that only applied to terrorists, but aren't they committing terrorist actions, threatening the government? ... a dangerous game to play! Or maybe Hodges caught the President off guard, she would not have expected a threat close to home.

I knew that reporter was trouble from the beginning, threatening Olivia. After the fa├žade and shenanigans she put forward; pushing Ethan out of office, I thought she could handle 'anything'. I imagined she would've threatened to kill him (but that would be messy) or even used some sort of back-up plan in case he went rogue, but she kind of disappointed me. The leash she kept on the reporter wasn't tight enough; giving into his sexual come on. I nodded distastefully at his attempt. 'Sleep with me and I would keep my mouth shut'. I actually imagined Olivia would have better taste.


*How did Olivia hold her cell phone in place to tape every juicy detail? (Do I want to know?)

*That reporter being married came off as a shocker, I couldn't imagine anyone saying 'I do'. *I knew Kim Bauer had to show her face this season, the question is how would they twist the story to bring her in... what better than saving your dad's live, he's dying.

*Really and truly, did Olivia have to sleep with that reporter, it really made her seem cheap and I really liked-disliking her, now I don't know how I view her anymore.

*Does Hodges really think the President would rollover, sit, play dead (well you know what I mean). Hasn't he seen how the past 24 episodes paid off. Playing God only gets you killed, it doesn't ever work out the way you want... then again there's a first time for everything... and that's what the other malignant groups believed.

My fists are clasped together and I am ready to watch the bad guys go down. At least that's the way I anticipate the next installment. Until then I imagine different ways of the twist in the storyline, but still come up empty. Leave it to 24 to surprise you a mile away.


Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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